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Portable Dog Water Bottle

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🐕 Do You Want To Easily Hydrate Your Beloved Dog When You're Running, Hiking Or Traveling?

🐾 Are You Tired Of Using A Messy Dog Water Bowl?


🐾 Our Portable Dog Water Bottle is the best solution to hydrating your dog while on the go! Let's say you decide to take your dog out for a walk. Since it's really hot outside, you grab your trusty Dog Bottle and quickly fill it with Water.

🐾 Push to dispense the cool water for your dog.

🐾There is some leftover water! - No worries! Simply drain back the leftovers!


🐶 EASY TO USE ONE HANDED OPERATION - Portable Dog Water Bottle is designed to be easily used with just one hand. Use one thumb to dispense the water with one button, feed your dog, retract the remaining water and lock the bottle. All this whilst letting you keep a hold of your dog's leash with your other hand.

🐶 LEAK PROOF DESIGN - You want to know when you carry your pet water bottle for walking, hiking or camping, that it won't leak. This dog travel accessory has a silicon leak proof seal and a lock button to prevent any spills.


🐶 PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Perfect for dog walks! Light dog travel accessories are important, so our small capacity size bottle weighs only 135 grams and our big pet water bottle only 160 grams (without water). We made it this way so you don't think twice before taking your bottle with you to the beach, walking, hiking or traveling on any adventure.



🐶 LARGE & SMALL OPTIONS - We love that dogs come in all sizes, and so should our pet travel accessories. With 350ml and 550ml sizes you can cater for just one small puppy all the way up to multiple large dogs. Bottle attachments are interchangeable between cups / troughs.



🐶  HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO PUBLIC WATER BOWLS - Nothing worries a dog owner more than wondering whether your puppy or dog should drink from a public bowl but we want to keep our furry friends well hydrated, especially during the hot days climate.


🐶DIFFERENT CAPACITIES CAN BE SELECTED-Small dogs can choose 350ML water bottle, medium and large dogs can choose 550ML water bottle.



  • 1 x Portable Dog Water Bottle