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Cheeky Cat Butt Messenger Bag

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Definitely one for those with a sense of humour, the Cheeky Cat Butt Messanger Bag, is simply pawsome if you want to add an element of the comical to your outfit. The design meaning to resemble a kitty butt comes with kitty ears, a kitty tail, a kitty butt and kitty balls.

With one main compartment the bag is great for holding your keys and wallet, whilst keeping you comfortable with the easy cross body strap.

Coming in three different colors this bag will no doubt have you and your friends laughing. 


6 purr-fect reasons to buy this Messenger Bag:

☑️  High quality materials!

☑️  Soft and plush alike feeling!

☑️  Causing mass envy and laughter!

☑️  Pawsome design!

☑️  Light wearing experience!

☑️  Keeps your stuff safely enclosed!

and... last... but not least ...

certified and ...

✅Â?Crazy Cat Lady approved!




Size: 21x17cm 8x6 inches
Material: Velour

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