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Long Handled Back Lotion Applicator

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The vast majority of people can’t reach the middle of their backs to apply a cream or lotion thoroughly. The situation is often made worse when wearing clothes all day long that are infused with laundry detergent that aggravate skin conditions and makes dry and dull skin. Meet BackBliss â€?it reaches those hard to reach areas to give you complete skin protection and confidence.

With Long Handled Back Lotion Applicator you can:

Get full back coverage, every time.

Put an end to embarrassing untreated dry patches and sunburn or uneven selftan.

End the awkwardness of asking a friend or stranger for help!

Get total confidence with glowing skin you’re proud to show off.


Long Handled Back Lotion Applicator is the ultimate aid for applying lotions and creams to the hardest of places to reach your own back! Whether you’re applying suncream, aftersun, self tanner or a skin treatment, Long Handled Back Lotion Applicator is the product you need for complete coverage.


  •  With Long Handle to reach back,and the handle grooves help you hold onto it.   Massage and rubbing back, relieve pressure, convenient to clean body.
  •  You can reach all those hard to reach places, when applying self-tanner, lotion or medication.
  •  Delicate punched, convenient storage while not using it.


Color: Blue 
Material: PP+PS
Packing: Nude Packing
Package Content: 1 x Long Handled Back Lotion Applicator
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