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Pet Toy-Track Ball

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[Reducing the anxiety of cats]

  • Unlike other tunnel toys, we have 2 hollow balls and 1 toy ball in our toys, which can be freely combined for cats to play with. The active ball can inspire your cat's hunting instincts and allow your cat to chase the ball with enthusiasm. Turn the windmill's cat toy to make the cat fill up his stomach without causing chaos!

[Cat Beauty Brush]

  • comb the hair while the cat is playing, clean the hair and massage the pet's skin to keep it comfortable and healthy.

[Powerful suction cup]
  • Cat toys can be sucked arbitrarily in smooth places such as floors, walls, doors and windows. Cat toys attached to the window with suction cups. Great for cats who like to see the scenery outside. If you put it on the window, you can enjoy the sun while playing. Because it does not take up space, it can be set regardless of the room size

  • The most important thing is to keep all cats at home. You don't have to worry about your cat running around. You must be worried that your cat will be lonely after leaving home? The high-quality PP material is soft and has no odor, and will not cause any damage to the cat. The cylindrical bumps can be used for cats to scratch or grind their faces. The trackball moves back and forth to keep the cat's attention, which saves a lot of trouble

[Uniquely designed pet toys]
  • All the designs are in line with the design of cats and cats to make you entertain yourself. This pet crawler toy not only improves the agility of the cat, but also prevents the cat from damaging the furniture, but also promotes the relationship between the pet and the owner. When the cat plays with this toy, they will like it more, which can ease their anxiety And can also improve their IQ

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