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Super Speed Fishing Reel

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Innovative New Fishing Reel Hailed As "Revolutionary"

Anglers are praising it as the single best bang for their buck in recent times, becoming so popular with both newer & more experienced fishermen that many have made the bold claim it is now their 'GO-TO REEL' for both fresh and saltwater fishing. 



One of the world's fastest reels! The Super Speed break the speed limit! A truly super speed reel with 8.1:1 gear ratio and precision matched gears.


Over 100m precision casts really put this reel in the top 0.01% for a fraction of the price alongside an 8KG drag for even the largest fish


High precision wire cup for effortless high speed casts and smooth rapid retrieves (without the bounce)


State-of-the-art ceramic guide ring ensures the reel is both heat and wear resistant meaning damaging the fishing line is hard to do


Revolutionary non slip grip paired with easy adjustment, tournament-ready magnetic brake system and stainless steel corrosion proof bearings.

What is Keep The Salt's Purpose

Keep The Salt believe in showing Radical Transparency between the fishing equipment we make and the journey to you - (the fishing community). We believe in letting anglers make informed decisions about what they are looking for and putting an end to overpriced competition with ridiculous markups - you know the type!

Why are we passionate about this

For this reason, we've deliberately kept our cost at a fraction of the prices you see on other fishing sites as we gather this feedback and begin to innovate further.

The price won't stay this low forever, customer surveys are telling us that people would pay over 3X what we are charging for this reel. This is great news for us and means we are doing something right. If you want to know what all the hype and noise is about this reel, you'll want to get in now while our price is still a steal and before it's raised NEXT WEEK.

Our reel is a fraction of the price of leading industry competitors....

Reel Summary:

The adjustable magnetic brake system can be customised for any lure, meaning no backlashing and provides a smooth as butter experience.

Built to last, the modern durable design of the super spool will far exceed expectations propelling your fishing to new levels. The design allows for easy access to lubricate gears and low maintenance.

Magnetic Brake System

We use an intelligent Digital Control braking system with an easy to use, 4 setting, externally adjustable brake dial. This will allow anglers to fish a wide variety of lures, skills and in any conditions, with minimal adjustment to the reel.

Level 0£ºIdeal for downwind and pro anglers
Level 1-4£ºIdeal for the use of a certain weight and long distance casting .
Level 5-6£ºPerfect for a wide variety of lures.
Level 7-9£ºPerfect for the slightly newer fisher or kids.



The compact fishing reel has a nylon structure and a stable balancing system. The total weight is 215 grams. You can use it as a carry-on tool for fishing trips or easily get it out when you pass an ideal fishing spot.

  • Double Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Up to 8kg drag power (carbon fibre washers)
  • Machined aluminium spool (non corrosive - durable)
  • Heat resistant SiC ceramic line guide (doesn't damage line)
  • Non slip grip


Is this left or right handed?

We offer our reels in both left & right handed models. Please choose your desired hand at the top of the page.

Is this reel good for lure & jig fishing?

It's a great reel for lure fishing, but is also suited for casting heavier lures. This will allow you to cast lighter & heavier lures if need be, while still having the sensitivity to feel bites and then use the speed component to ensure the catch.

Anyone who has had one of these for a while? What's it like after a year or so?

I have had it for about 10 months, but so far it's been a fantastic smooth and well made reel. Pollack to 7lb without breaking a sweat. Smooth, smooth drag. I would say it would last.

Can this be used for river & lake fishing??

Absolutely! It is great for both fresh & saltwater environments!

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