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Wonder Arms Total Arm Workout System

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Wonder Arms Total Arm Workout System

The Breakthrough Fitness Sensation That All Women Are Talking About!

Introducing Wonder Arms the resistance arm band system that gives you a total arm workout! Now you can finally get RID of that flabby problem area we all hate and get the firm & fabulous arms you’ve always wanted in just minutes a day!

This arm machine makes you to improve in performance and develop firm, smooth and toned arms. It will also make you build strong muscles and have a gorgeous figure. Using this device will make your body to burn the stored fat and calories to provide you with the energy needed for workout session. Losing fat will make you cut weight and gain a fitting figure. It will also provide back support and tone your chest. Using this device will provide you with the desired results without experiencing joint or back pains.

ARM machine


Use the colour-coded rubber resistance bands to create increasing degrees of workout as your strength and tone increases. Each one is manufactured to offer a specific amount of resistance pressure:

  • Level 1: Beginner - 15lb.
  • Level 2: Intermediate - 20lb.
  • Level 3: Advanced - 25lb.



The design of Wonder Arms is geared toward taking the strain out of developing and toning your arms and targeting the specific areas you want to focus on. The scissor-design and pivoted gliding motion strengthens and tones with no joint strain as all the pressure is spread through the whole arm, protecting the elbows and wrists.


Wonder Arms folds up into a compact and portable size for easy storage or travel, You can take your Wonder Arms with you to the office, or on holiday, for a convenient workout that will have your arms toned in just a few minutes every day.


  • 1 x Wonder Arms, 3 x Resistance Bands, 1 x Instructions
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